Small* (≈ 2” cookies) – starting at $2.65 per cookie

Medium (≈ 3.5” cookies) – starting at $3.00 per cookie

Large (≈ 6” cookies) – starting at $3.50 per cookie


*Small cookies have simple detail, no logos


Individually sealed cookie - $0.75 per cookie

Small bow (can only be added to individually sealed cookies) - additional $0.35 per cookie

Logo and projector cookies starting at $3.00 per cookie

Lidded airtight tray with doily - $5.00


Individually sealed cookies in a window box, perfect for teachers, holiday gifts or just to show that special someone you are thinking about them! 

Small Box – Contains one (1) large, two (2) medium and one (1) mini cookie.  Starting at $12.00

Large Box – Contains five (5) medium and one (1) small cookie.  Starting at $20.00


Delicious, handcrafted cookies are sure to add a beautiful touch to your special day.  We customize each order to your specific theme to ensure your order is an edible work of art guaranteed to delight your guests!

                                                            Basic                         Detailed                            Elaborate

Mini (≈ 1”)                                            $1.50                             ----                                   ----
Small (≈ 2”)                                          $2.50                           $3.50                                 ----
Medium (≈ 3.5”)                                    $3.50                           $4.50                           $5.00 and up
Large (≈ 6”)                                          $6.50                           $7.50                           $10.00 and up

Individually wrapped cookies with a satin bow

Bag of 2 Mini                                         $3.75                            ----                                   ----

Bag of 3 Mini                                         $5.25                            ----                                   ----

Small                                                    $3.25                          $4.25                                  ----

Medium                                                $4.25                           $5.25                           $5.75 and up

Large                                                    $7.25                          $8.25                           $10.75 and up

Price list is subject to change due to individual needs.  50% deposit due to reserve your date.  Balance due 7 days prior to event date.

Ask about our cookies for all of your pre-wedding events too, from engagement parties to wedding showers; even bachelor and bachelorette parties!


Please complete the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly! Note that we do require all orders be placed at least two weeks prior to the pickup date. A 50% deposit is due to reserve your date and the remainder must be paid in full 10 days prior to pickup. Orders to be picked up at Patterson Fruit Farm bakery during normal business hours. 

*If you would like to submit images, please email directly to  Completion of the order form DOES NOT guarantee that your order has been placed.  A representative from A Heidi Cookie will be in contact with you within 24 hours.



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