We just love cookies!

Having spent the majority of her working years at a bank, making handcrafted cookies wasn’t exactly on the agenda for Heidi.  It was more of a hobby that she enjoyed around Christmas with her children gathered around Grandma’s kitchen table.  Christmas cookies turned into Easter and then birthdays and soon she was busy making cookies for all occasions.

Heidi enjoys experimenting with new recipes and making them her own.  And it didn’t stop at just sugar cookies; she entered into numerous baking competitions with other cookies and pie recipes. She was even awarded Grand Champion at the Geauga County Fair for her apple pie.  You’ll never find another cookie like A Heidi Cookie because neither the cookie nor the icing is made from standard recipes. That is what makes them taste so wonderful!

Soon Heidi’s neighbors and friends started asking for her beautiful royal iced cookies for all their events and Heidi was happy to oblige. Word of mouth spread and she started making them nearly every weekend. But how could she turn what had become her passion, baking and decorating cookies, into a business?

Having worked at Patterson Fruit Farm in the bakery during the fall, she asked if they would consider selling her cookies. They happily did so but couldn’t keep up with the demand for them?  Realizing she had a gift to share, Heidi worked out an arrangement and now has a space at Patterson Fruit Farm where she does all her baking and decorating. 

Heidi loves the artistic outlet decorating cookies affords her. She loves the challenging designs and enjoys most of all, making people smile with a cookie.  The reactions of her customers when they find she’s exceeded their expectations make all the hours of detailed decorating worth it.

Patterson Fruit Farm!

A Heidi Cookie is not yet a storefront.  We share our space with an amazing fruit farm!  Here is a little about Patterson Fruit Farm...

Farming is our way of life. We are grateful for this lifestyle, which provides food for our community and a way to help families experience the way their food is grown.

We invite you to visit our two locations, not only as your source of high quality fresh fruit, produce and gourmet fruit baskets but also to have some fun with your family, friends and neighbors!


It's what's on the inside that counts

Faith and family are the two most important things in Heidi’s life. She is a mom to three wonderful children and a wife to her supportive husband, Tim, of twenty-four years.  She is a third generation Chesterland resident and absolutely loves the area. She has a competitive spirit having grown up playing softball for the majority of her life. Her faith is extremely important to her and she’s attended the same church for many years.  Heidi loves to bake and not just cookies but pies, Italian biscuits, and fruit flavored cakes too. She can decorate a beautiful cookie but isn’t a fan of cake decorating.  She is incredibly grateful for all she has in her life and for the opportunity to share her love of cookie decorating with you! 



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